Auto Insurance: Does It Help Pay For Damage From A Falling Tree Limb?

Storms that bring strong winds can cause a lot of damage to trees, which can then damage vehicles. Heavy, wet snowfalls can also break tree branches and bring them crashing down on whatever lies below. If your vehicle gets damaged by a falling tree branch, whether insurance pays for the damage depends on the types of auto insurance coverage you have. What Comprehensive Auto Insurance Covers If you included comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, your auto insurance will help pay to repair the damage or to replace your vehicle if it was totaled. [Read More]

Five Things Insurance Companies Take Into Consideration When Determining The Cost For Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

When you insure a motorcycle, there are many different things that can affect the price you pay for the coverage. Many people do not know that there are specific factors that insurance companies, like Independent Insurance Associates Inc, take into consideration when determining the cost of coverage for a motorcycle. The guide below walks you through a few of the things that your insurance company may be taking into consideration when establishing the cost of your insurance coverage. [Read More]

Reasons An Insurance Company Would Not Renew Your Home Insurance Policy

Did you recently receive a letter in the mail from your insurance company informing you that they will not be renewing your homeowner's insurance policy? If this happens, you shouldn't worry about it too much. After all, you can get insurance coverage from another company, but it might bother you if you are not sure why this happened. Here are some of the reasons insurance companies have for not renewing a person's home insurance policy. [Read More]

Sometimes You Have To Earn Great Homeowners Insurance

You want to make sure that you purchase the very best homeowners insurance possible, but you do not want the insurance to spread you to thin financially. Many people try to get the cheapest homeowners insurance possible, but when a tragedy occurs they wished they had better insurance. Others find that they are paying way to much for their homeowners insurance. There are a lot of different variables that go into how much you pay for your insurance, and many of those variables are actually under your control. [Read More]