Sometimes You Have To Earn Great Homeowners Insurance

You want to make sure that you purchase the very best homeowners insurance possible, but you do not want the insurance to spread you to thin financially. Many people try to get the cheapest homeowners insurance possible, but when a tragedy occurs they wished they had better insurance. Others find that they are paying way to much for their homeowners insurance. There are a lot of different variables that go into how much you pay for your insurance, and many of those variables are actually under your control. Here are a few things that you can do to save on insurance.

Invest In Safety

Many people will invest in a security and fire alarm system, and they will not let their insurance company know. In the year 2015 there were well over 1 million house fires in the United States. These fires cost many people their lives, but also did over 1 billion dollars in damage. Insurance companies are usually the one that will flip the bill to pay for this. So, it is reasonable to think that if you invest in safety, your insurance company may give you a break on your insurance rates. Well, with many companies they will drop your rates fairly significantly if you have a security and fire alarm system installed in your home.


The location of your home is also very important to an insurance company. An insurance company is going to look at the location of your home on two different scales; neighborhood, and regional scale. One the neighborhood scale, an insurance company may raise your rates if you are in an area that historically sees a lot of crime. Break-ins cost a lot of money. On a regional scale you may pay more money for your insurance if you are on the Gulf of Mexico and in hurricane country. Choose the location of you home as much as possible. To find out how this will affect your insurance rate, talk with the insurance company directly.


It seems that credit is always going to be used to determine interest and insurance rates, and it definitely plays a major part in homeowners insurance. The better your credit score is the more likely you are to pay your bills on time, or so companies think. So, it is important that you have a credit score that reflects you are responsible. If your score is low, there are companies that can actually help raise your score by working on removing inaccurate negative items from your reports.