Changes To Your House And Its Contents May Also Change Your Home Insurance Policy

Home insurance is essentially a necessity for every homeowner, and it's likely you went and got a quote before you closed on the house. But if you have recently made changes or additions to your home, you should also be reviewing your homeowner's policy to ensure that the new addition is covered. In some cases, a new addition could even save you money. Here are some changes to your house that could lead to a change in your home insurance premium. [Read More]

Should You Buy Uninsured Or Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

Although every driver is expected to carry auto insurance coverage, many people still drive without this requirement. There are also those who do have coverage, but they their limits are terribly low. This is why insurance companies offer uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (UM and UIM). While UM/UIM coverage is not mandatory, you should consider buying it if you experience any of the following.  Your State Has Many Uninsured Drivers [Read More]

Flood Protection Tips For Those New To Homeownership

There are a number of threats that your property may experience. In particular, flooding is an issue that destroys many homes every year. Despite this being a very common risk, it is common for individuals to be unprepared for this aspect of home ownership when they first buy a property. The following tips can help you better protect your home from floods.  Determine Whether Flood Mitigation Steps Are Needed When you first buy a home, you should perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether or not there will be a need to take flood mitigation steps for the property. [Read More]

The Relationship Between Vehicle Title, Registration, And Insurance

In order to legally operate a vehicle on public roadways, you must follow a complex registration process. This process typically includes the production of pertinent documents and the paying of fees that go toward road improvements and maintenance. You have likely heard about a vehicle title, registration, and insurance, but you might not understand the relationship between these three important elements of vehicle ownership. Title The title is essentially a document that proves ownership of the vehicle. [Read More]